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The scribe met Yeshua of Nazareth in the troubled years of his youth and became, for the rest of his life, a true and faithful disciple. As both a victim and a witness to the conflict regarding Yeshua’s last days, the scribe felt that he must tell the truth about the events leading up to Yeshua’s crucifixion and resurrection; he shows how a man who taught love and compassion became the center of murderous discord. In this first-person testimony, the scribe discusses the great role of Paul in these events and in the persecution of the disciples. He also narrates stories of the loyalty of Judas and the untrue story of his demise, the freeing of Barabbas, and Yeshua’s last days in Jerusalem. The scribe provides insight into why Yeshua chose his fate and did not escape his crucifixion. Through the testimony in The Gospel of Anonymous Absolving All Men of the Most Hideous Crime of Deicide, the unnamed scribe communicates the detrimental effects of treachery, prejudice, hatred, and blind devotion to creeds.


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